NOVEMBER 7-10 2019Miami, FL

FDI Moot 2019 Global Rounds

The University of Miami School of Law is proud to host the
2019 Global Oral Hearings of the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Moot Competition
on its campus in Miami, Florida November 7 - 10 2019
in cooperation with the Center for International Legal Studies, Salzburg, Austria.

University of Miami School of Law

About the Event

What is the FDI Moot?

The Foreign Direct Investment International Arbitration Moot the (“FDI Moot") is an annual competition that helps future lawyers attain a practical understanding of the issues that arise out of these obligations between host States and foreign investors.

Founding Institutions

The competition is organized by the Center for International Legal Studies ("the Organizer") in cooperation with the following founding institutions:

Why Participate?

The FDI Moot creates a unique forum where academics and practitioners, and future lawyers come together not only to discover emerging talents, but new developments in the field. It is a great opportunity to meet and learn from a diverse group of people and hone written and oral advocacy skills.

Increasing international investment, the proliferation of international investment treaties, domestic legislation, and international investment contracts have contributed to the development of a new field of international law that defines obligations between host States and foreign investors.


The FDI Moot consists of two stages:

  1. - Preparation and submission of written Memorials for each of Claimant and Respondent
  2. - Presentation of oral arguments at the Oral Hearings

In doing so, future lawyers are able to develop their ability to research, draft, and advocate. To prepare, teams are expected to analyze the facts and evidence given, research relevant legal texts, craft legal arguments, draft memoranda for claimant and respondent, and advocate their relevant position before an international tribunals of experts.


The FDI Moot involves a hypothetical dispute in connection with an investment by a foreign investor in a host state. An (arguably) applicable investment agreement, treaty, or national legislation provides for dispute resolution before an arbitral tribunal consisting of three arbitrators in accordance with the chosen arbitration rules.

The dispute involves a set of theoretical and practical procedural and substantive legal issues both in the sphere of arbitration adjudication and foreign investment regulation and protection. Any existing or fictitious legal provisions may be used.

The dispute itself and the names of all the parties mentioned therein are fictitious. Any resemblance to an actual dispute or persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

In the News
Regional Rounds and Global Round Information

The FDI Moot spans approximately six months each year in two phases. Written memorials for claimant and respondent and the hearing of oral argument with regional or national rounds for Asia Pacific (Seoul), South Asia (New Delhi), Kenya (Nairobi), Ethiopia (Dire Dawa) and Viet Nam (Ho Chi Minh City), and pre moots in Budapest, St Petersburg, Sao Paulo and Warsaw.

Key Dates

May 31, 2019: Registration Form & Registration Fee Deadline

June 1, 2019: 1st Clarification Requests Due (Online)

July 29, 2019: Skeleton Briefs Regionals, (Online)

August 1, 2019: All-Africa Regional, (Online)

August 8, 2019: 2nd Clarification Requests Due, (Online)

August 21, 2018: Asia Pacific Regional, Seoul, South Korea

September 16, 2019: Claimant Memorials, (Online)

September 23, 2019: Respondent Memorial, (Online)

November 7-10, 2019: Global Rounds, Miami, Florida - University of Miami, School of Law

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities for the FDI Moot Miami 2019 are available at several levels. Please download and complete the sponsorship form to indicate your support for the FDI Moot 2019. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Farah Barquero, Director, Programs, University of Miami School of Law.

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Agency & Host

Global Co-Founders


White & Case International Arbitration LL.M.

The LL.M. in International Arbitration provides a unique individualized educational curriculum and opportunity for a small group of top-quality students from a range of countries, wishing to acquire an in-depth grounding in the field of international arbitration. Due to Miami Law’s prestigious White & Case International Arbitration LL.M., University of Miami School of Law has been selected among the top schools in 2019 on LL.M. GUIDE’s Top 10 Global List for Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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Registration Information

Student teams and volunteer arbitrator registration is completed via


Any university that has a law-related program of study ("the School") may participate in the Moot. The number of the Teams originating from the same country is not restricted.

The list of team members (students and coaches) shall be submitted to the Organizer in accordance with the Organizer's instructions and the Schedule.

Each participating School shall form one Team composed of two or more students. There is no maximum limit on the number of Team members. The registration fee includes the attendance of five team members (students or coaches) at the oral hearings.

Teams may not comprise students representing more than two institutions, which must be in the same city.

It is the responsibility of the teams to check the visa requirements to enter the United States.

How to Register
How to Register

The Registration Form is available on-line at

In the Registration Form, each Team shall designate a Team contact, communication with whom constitutes communication with the Team. Communication between a Team and the Organizer via anyone other than the Team contact shall be at the risk of the Team.

Only upon the receipt of both the Registration Form and the Registration Fee will the Organizer officially confirm the registration of each Team and assign an alias for use in the Moot (on memorials and during the oral hearings).

Team Registration

Arbitrator Registration

Deadline and Cost
Deadline and Cost

The Registration Fee is €750 for teams from High and Very High HDI Countries, €450 for those from Medium HDI Countries and €225 for those from Low HDI Countries, based on the UNDP Human Development Index.

If you sign up more than 5 people for the Global Orals an extra fee of €150 (ie, €750 / 5) per person (for the 6th and beyond) is due (may not apply to the Regionals).

Every School shall fill-in and submit the Registration Form to the Organizer before May 31.

The Registration Fee shall be paid by May 31.

Team Registration

Arbitrator Registration

Scholarship Opportunity

The University of Miami School of Law offers a unique scholarship opportunity to participants of the FDI Moot to attend any of its LL.M. programs, including The White & Case International Arbitration LL.M.! Each year at Miami Law, one half-tuition scholarship (currently $25,640) is available for a present or past student participant, coach or arbitrator in the FDI Moot competition.

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Rules: FDI Moot

Shalala Student Center Complex
Team Members' Eligibility

1. Students shall be eligible to become members of a Team irrespective of previous participation in the Moot.

2. A student member shall be enrolled in a program of undergraduate or advanced legal studies when he or she becomes a Team member or will have completed such program of legal studies within six months prior to the deadline to submit memorials. A visiting student, a student enrolled as an extern or apprentice may also become a team member. Participation of students enrolled in programs other than law may be allowed upon prior written consent of the Organizer.

3. A student who has or will have been admitted to the bar or legal practice in any jurisdiction more than six months prior to the deadline for submitting memorials may only become a Team member with the prior written consent of the Organizer.

Coral Gables
Rules Regarding Participation

The Registration Form is available on-line at

1. In each match of the Oral Rounds, each Team shall be represented by exactly two student members. The same or different student members may participate in different matches.

Where, for extraordinary reasons such as sudden serious illness or denial of visa, a Team becomes unable to field two advocates for the oral hearings, the Organizer may in its discretion permit the Team to participate with its sole remaining student member pleading (i) only half the issues/allotted time or (ii) all the issues/allotted time. In the case of (i), the Team will not be able to win matches or advance to the elimination rounds, but the sole advocate will remain individually eligible for ranking; in the case of (ii), the Team may also win matches and advance to the elimination rounds, though in its discretion the Organizer may impose a penalty for the Team only having one advocate.

2. Teams shall not reveal their School or country of origin to the Arbitrators or Memorial Judges at any time during the Competition. Every Team shall be referred to by its competition alias assigned by the Organizer.

3. Team members are responsible for their own travel to, visas for, and accommodations at the venue of the Oral Hearings.

The Biltmore Hotel
Rules Regarding Outside Assistance

1. All research, writing and editing, especially of memorials, shall be the exclusive product of student Team members.

Teams may seek and receive outside assistance, which shall be limited to a general discussion of the issues, suggestions as to research sources, general comments on arguments, organization and structure, and practice for the Oral Hearings. Teams may also receive financial and logistical support.

2. Teams shall indicate any person attending the oral rounds who has assisted the Team, either by registering such persons as a coach member of the Teams, or making the Organizer aware that such person, having been invited by the Organizer to act as an Arbitrator at the orals, could give rise to an appearance of partiality if assigned to one of the Team’s hearings.

Arbitrators and memorial judges should independently indicate a “conflict” with any Team they have assisted within the meaning of this rule.

3. Pre-mooting among participating teams is permitted so long as pre-moot organizers notify the Organizer. Pre-mooting may not involve exchange of memorials or other materials. Pre-moot teams must accept that the Organizer cannot take account of the pre-moot in its conduct of the Global FDI Moot orals rounds.

In the News

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An International Team of Future International Arbitrators Head to Argentina to Judge and Moot

LL.M. Scholarships Offered to Participants of Prestigious Moot Competitions

Venue: University of Miami School of Law

Shalala Student Center Complex

As Miami has become an active venue for international arbitration, participants in the FDI Moot will compete in a dynamic city and develop an international network with academics and practitioners in the arbitration field.

Miami is a major international trade and finance center at the “portal to the Americas” and a well sought-after venue for resolving international disputes through arbitration. Miami Law has created a unique infrastructure for students to network with international arbitration practitioners in Miami and beyond.

University of Miami Campus

The University of Miami School of Law is prominently positioned, academically and geographically, for the study of international arbitration. The University of Miami School of Law is on the 260-acre main campus of one of the largest private research universities in the U.S. with premier graduate schools. No other law school in the U.S. is located in a region that affords this exceptional mix of diverse perspectives and opportunities.

Coral Gables
Coral Gables

The University is located in Coral Gables - known as one of Florida's most desirable residential areas and increasingly recognized as an international business center. The area offers all the benefits of large-city living in a relaxed suburban setting and is known for its wide boulevards, fountains, tropical trees, and palms

The main road in the Coral Gables business district is “Miracle Mile,” and is filled with restaurants, shops, galleries and theaters. Next door to Coral Gables is the Greater Miami area with many distinctive neighborhoods such as South Miami, Coconut Grove, Brickell, the Art Deco inspired South Beach, and "Little Havana."


It is easy to get to campus as Miami International Airport – MIA – is only 20 minutes from campus (and Fort Lauderdale International Airport – FLL – is only 50 minutes away).

The Biltmore Hotel
Local Hotels

It is recommended participants stay in the neighborhoods of Coral Gables, Coconut Grove or Dadeland, as they are closest to the University of Miami campus.

For a list of local hotels with University of Miami discounted rates, click here.

Special Requirements

Please email the University of Miami School of Law, Office of Events & Conferences at for assistance with any special dietary or access needs.

Contact Information

University of Miami School of Law

Farah Barquero, Director of Programs