Coffee Connectors Invitation Letter (03-05-14)


Dear Miami Law Alumni,

We are NOT asking you to be a mentor!

We ARE asking you to do three things you already love to do:

  • drink coffee
  • talk about your work
  • have a reason to reach out to friends and colleagues

At first blush that may appear to be the strangest opening to a letter you have ever seen. But please allow me to explain why the direct approach. We know you are busy. We know you have a true desire to help, but are already spread thin with work and life commitments.

Over the years, the Law School has made various requests of your time, talent and treasure – all towards the singular goal of helping our students. This year we are launching a new initiative to promote a more practical approach to foster one-on-one interaction with our students.

The unique aspect of this program is that it is NOT a traditional mentor program. We recognize that, while many of you would love to establish and develop traditional long-standing and deep mentoring relationships with our students, for many of you, the rigors of practice and your own personal lives simply make that an impossibility.

What this initiative will be instead is a connector initiative to infuse our students into various practices and geographic locations. Your involvement may be as simple as forwarding a resume to a colleague you know may be in the market to hire a young lawyer or it may be as simple as enjoying a cup of coffee for 20 minutes with a student to give them some tips and (perhaps more importantly) names of others within the profession who they may further contact.

Quite appropriately, we have dubbed this new initiative the Law Alumni Association's "Coffee Connectors" Network.

The gatekeepers for this network will be the Law School's Career Development Office ("CDO"). All you have to do to be one of our "Coffee Connectors" is complete and submit the Alumni "Coffee Connector" Volunteer Form, which may be accessed here.

After you submit the form, the CDO will contact you with specific details so you can start connecting.

The Law Alumni Association has set the ambitious goal of establishing 1,000 Coffee Connectors by the summer. The current 1L class numbers approximately 300. Accordingly, assuming this trend continues, that will enable us to achieve a 1:1 ratio of Coffee Connectors to students in the long run. Our goal will then be to continue to increase this network to make it one of the most valuable resources a student at the Law School enjoys and become an indispensable aspect to our Law School culture, uniting alums and students to an unprecedented degree. By doing this, we will have successfully replicated similar networks which already exist at many of the top Law Schools in the nation and are considered to be absolutely vital recruitment and placement resources at those schools.

We appreciate your support and urge you to be part of this transformative initiative for our law school and professional community.


With sincere gratitude,

Jaret L. Davis
University of Miami Law Alumni Association


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